Posted by: eriksenchevroletbuick | August 2, 2010

Blast from the past….

I wasn’t sure who to send this to, so figured you were a good choice.
My husband and I bought our first brand new car from Eriksens back in 1975. I know, before you were born. I drove it for 20 years until retiring it and getting a new Blazer.
It is a 1975 Nova LN, coupe. It has about 130,000 miles on it now. It is dark red metallic with black vinyl roof. It was stored for about 10 years or more after I quit driving it. In the last year we have been restoring it back to it’s original look and condition. We had it painted at Quality Paint in Rock Island. The interior is still the original. We did replace the carpet since we had every thing out of it and figured it was the best time to do it. We have belonged to “National Nostalgic Nova Club” since the early 80’s. We now belong to the Eastern Iowa Chapter of “NNN” also. We took it to the nationals in 1986 when I was still driving it daily and won a Bronze rating.
Even though we have enjoyed taking it to car shows in the last few years, this year is special because it looks brand new again.
We were out taking pictures of it one Sunday and my husband came up with the idea to get a picture with the Eriksens sign in the background. Then, I decided to send it to you just for fun.
Hope you enjoy it.
-Submitted by Mary & Jim Conrad

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