Posted by: eriksenchevroletbuick | August 2, 2010


Kids are rough on vehicles. They trample the interior with dirty shoes. They eat (and drop) everything. They put their little sticky jam-hands anywhere they can reach. They kick the backs of seats. Sometimes, they even scream out while riding down the road – for no apparent reason! The nature of children, paired with the fact that the law requires them to be restrained while a car is in motion, is enough to make a person think twice before taking a trip with their precious little ones.

Despite the facts, my friend and I threw caution to the wind and decided to take a jaunt to Iowa City, IA to visit the Iowa Children’s Museum. My friend, Kama, has two children – Miles, 5, and Ava, 3. I have a daughter, Haylie, 3. The kids were buzzing with anticipation as we prepared all of the accessories that three kids need for a day trip. However, when they saw the gorgeous red 2010 Suburban that we were driving, they were off-the-charts EXCITED! Kids love vehicles, as much as they are hard on them. The colors, the buttons, gadgets – it all adds to the thrill of the ride. When the kids saw the built-in DVD player, they were sold.

Kama and I were sold on the safety and convenience. The carseats easily latched in to both the captains chairs and third row bench seat. The kids had plenty of room to maneuver to get into their respective seats (something that is often woefully lacking in the standard issue mini-van). None of the door and window controls were within reach of the carseats – another issue that is more common than not. Even though the Suburban is a big vehicle, the back-up camera put both of our minds at ease as we navigated driveways and parking lots. 

As the kids were watching The Incredibles, Kama and I enjoyed a luxurious ride up front. The heated and cooled seats were perfect for the day that started off chilly and warmed up to a sizzling ninety two degrees. I was able to get the drivers seat adjusted to perfectly accommodate my five foot two inch height and Kama had plenty of passenger leg room, even though she is six inches taller. With the blind spot sensors and navigation system, we traveled with total peace.

We all had a fabulous time at the museum, but frankly, the kids were just as excited to ride in the “big red truck” and watch movies. The Suburban definitely gets two thumbs up from two happy moms!

 -Amber Cravens


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